High Street Luxury Gift Bags

When you next visit the high street, you will find almost every retailer is now making a statement by branding and promoting their business with luxury gift bags.

From small independent jewellers to large national department stores, all shops are now taking every opportunity to market themselves, so why have luxury paper gift bags become so popular on the high street? In this article, Elliott Packaging will provide you with the answers…

Luxury Paper Gift Bags

Luxury rope handle paper bags are becoming more and more popular with retailers on the high street because of the quality, look, strength and robust design. This style of paper carrier bag can also be produced in almost any given design or colour to match the pantone reference. Although luxury paper handle bags do offer a number of paper finishing options, Elliott Packaging can hot foiling, embossing and debossing can also be included within the design.

Furthermore the rope handles and seals included with luxury paper giftbag packaging can also be supplied in both cotton or PP, so can be dyed to match any given colour specifications. An eco-friendly, non-laminated version has also become increasingly popular of late, especially with UK retails who are looking to improve their eco-friendly status.

Looking for a paper carrier bag alternative?

Paper twist handle bags are an eco-friendly carrier bag that are 100% compostable and can offer the strength that is required for this type of carrier bag. The paper can be either sourced from FDA approved paper mills or can also be manufactured from recycled consumer waste.

Are you looking for luxury paper gift bags?

With free UK delivery, Elliott Packaging can offer luxury paper gift bags at very competitive prices. All rope handle paper carrier bags can be manufactured in any size to suite your product requirements and we can add a number of extras such as ribbon handles to make your luxury paper gift bag extra special.

For all enquires or for a non-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact the luxury paper gift bag specialises by visiting our Elliott Packaging contact page and filling out the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the sales team who have extensive product knowledge by using the online chat facilities.