A long withstanding high-end clothing manufacturer customer within the textile sector, has recently switched from their own sourced PVC grade display bags to a 100% recyclable high clarity polypropylene bags.

100% Recycle Polypropylene Bags

Asked why they wanted to make the switch, the customer want to be seen as a more eco-friendly business and switching from (non-recyclable) PVC bags to Polypropylene grade bags was seen as a crucial step in the right direction.

Our eco-friendly polypropylene bags are available in any size, with a full range to choose from which are highly used across a number of different sectors. Each can be printed in any given design and can be manufactured with a variety of different closures including grip-seal, slider-grip and re-sealable/permanent adhesive strips (tamper evident seals are also available).

Are you aware of your plastic footprint and looking to make a change to more eco friendly packaging? From polypropylene grade to paper mailing bags, Elliott Packaging can offer your business a full range of eco-friendly packaging alternatives so here are 4 reasons why you should switch today

4 Reasons why your business needs to switch to paper mailing bags

    1. It shows that your business cares for the planet.
    2. You are using a fully compostable form of packaging.
    3. They are made from a renewable natural source.
    4. It requires less energy to recycle paper (versus plastic).

For more information on any of oureco-friendly packaging products, please contact our sales department.