The Big Recycling Push

The damage plastic has on our environment is a much talked about subject around the world at present. The nation are becoming more aware of how important it is to recycle our plastics correctly. There is a lot of speculation around which eco friendly option is best, here at Elliott Packaging we believe that recycling is best but it could be so much better.

The Recycling Association are promoting for more plastic products to be made from ‘simpler’ materials which are easier to recycle. They also want to enforce a new law where every packaging material has its recycling instructions clearly printed on them, or simply ‘yes, it can be recycled’ or ‘no it cant be recycled’. This will hopefully push each household to recycle every product possible.

The UK are somewhat behind the current times when it comes to recycling. Beijing, Surabaya, Istanbul and Sydney are all places in the world where you can trade plastic waste for the use of public transport. Not only does this encourage plastic recycling but it also encourages people to use public transport which is great for lowering each individuals carbon footprint. We hope that in the coming years the UK will implement something similar after it being so successful in other countries.

Here are Elliott Packaging we are proud to say that 90% of our products come fully recyclable as a standard. The 10% of products which are not recyclable, we are proud to offer eco friendly alternatives. We encourage our customers to print the recycle logo on their packaging to make it clear to its consumers that the bag can be recycled.

If you have any questions about our recyclable packaging, please get in touch with a member of the team!