Mailing bags are getting increasingly popular and are continuing to grow with the online retail market. Here is our quick guide to making sure your mailing bag is the best it can be and help you make the right decisions! Take note of these points while planning your new mailing bags.

Durability: Mailing bags need to be durable. Your goods inside your mailing bag will be transported from hub to hub all over the county and even all over the world. Your bag needs to be able to stand a lot of heavy handling. We would recommend using Co-extruded polythene. Co-ex is made from layers of film which make the bag stronger. Generally, the inner is black to make the bag opaque and the outer white which is perfect for printing.

Re-usable: It is a positive for the customer if the mailing bag is reusable for returns. To make the bag re-usable the material needs to be strong but also a second adhesive strip can be added for the bag to be sealed by the customer to return goods.

Waterproof: Mailing bags are often transported from van to truck many times before reaching the end user, which means the bag will be open to all weather conditions. To make the bag waterproof we again recommend a co-ex or LDPE polythene and a strong seal.

Attractive: Mailing bags need to make a good first impression on the business to the client, attractive well thought through packaging is a great place to start. There are very little restrictions when it comes to printing on a mailing bag. To make them extra special you can use metallic or neon inks. We can print up to 8 spot colours and 4 colour process.

User-friendly: Your packaging needs to be user friendly. To make it user friendly you can add handles to your bags which makes the bags perfect for ‘click & collect’ deliveries. Adding return addresses and instructions to your bag makes less work for your customer.

Echo Friendly: Here in the UK we are getting more and more aware of the damage packaging ‘can’ do to our environment. Here at Elliott packaging we offer lots of echo friendly alternatives. All of our mailing bags can be recycled. We offer a regran/reproduced film which is made from recycled content. We stock a range of films which are biodegradable.

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