Carrier bags are an essential purchase for most business’s, if you haven’t needed to buy carrier bags before, it can be a slightly confusing process but we are here help! Here are what we feel you need to consider before purchasing.

Style of carrier bag:

Elliott packaging offer a range of different carrier bags produced in different materials. Polythene and paper carrier bags are the most popular. When thinking about the material you need to consider what is going to be carried in the bag. Polythene is much stronger than paper. We offer polythene and paper in a range of thicknesses to suit your product.

Your handle style:

Your handle choice should depend on the product going in the bag. One of our strongest handles is a patch handle. A patch handle has an oval handle cut out from a polythene bag, behind the cut out there is a re-enforced piece of film which makes the handle extra sturdy. If you need your bag to have a luxury feel to it, we can offer rope or ribbon handle to paper bags which give then an exclusive feel.

Bag size:

Do you have a range of products which need to fit inside the bag? Make sure you are buying a bag suitable for all of your products, many business’s buy more than one size to accommodate all product sizes. We offer completely bespoke bags so we can tailor the size to your needs.


Having your carrier bag branded is a great way to market your brand. Your logo and details are wherever your customer takes your bag. A striking bag is eye catching to potential customers. Think about a simple design which gives potential customer your contact details. We can help with your design needs.

Your budget:

If you have a small budget and carrier bags are not your biggest marketing tool, then a polythene bag would be ideal for you. If you have a higher budget and your bags are going to be your main marketing tool, consider a luxury paper bag.

Changing specification on your bag can increase and decrease the price. Factors which alter costs:

  • Quantity of bags. The more units you order, the better the unit cost will be.
  • A thicker material is more expensive, maybe consider changing the handle type to fit your budget better if you need a really thick bag.
  • The print on your bags. The more colours you decide to have, the higher the price will be.

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