Buying your printed paper bags for the first time can be a pretty daunting experience, here at Elliott packaging we try to make this experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible. Here we have put together some frequently asked questions which will hopefully explain the basics for you.

What do you need to know from me before quoting for my printed paper bags?

Handle style- Luxury rope/ribbon/grosgrain handles, twisted paper handle, flat tape handle.

Size of the bag

Material and thickness – Kraft or artboard

The thickness of the bag – measured in GSM

Number of colours printed on the bag

Is it being printed one side or both

How many units are you looking for

Elliott Packaging’s expert team are on hand to help you with these answers.

What are my options for a coloured paper bag?

Kraft paper is either white or brown. There are restrictions when printing on brown paper as inks will appear dull, we strongly recommend only printing dark colours on brown kraft paper. If you wish to have a coloured bag, we can print the bag 100% matched to a pantone reference, perfect for matching your brand colours.

What handle options do I have on a paper bags?

There are a good range of handle options available suitable for different uses. Here is what we can currently offer:

  • Rope/Cord
  • Twisted paper
  • Flat Tape Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Gross Grain

What are pantone colours?

Pantone is a standardized colour matching system which uses a numbering system to identify colour shades. When you create your artwork, you will need to choose your pantone colours. Pantone colours can we found on the pantone website.

What is a process print?

A process print is a print technique which uses 4 standard colours (CMYK) to create a full spectrum of colours. CMYK stands for cyan magenta yellow and black.

What does spot colour mean?

A spot colour is any colour which is generated using one ink with no shades.

How long does it take for my paper bags to be printed and delivered?

Paper bags are usually delivered in around 4-5 weeks. If you choose a ‘standard sized’ kraft paper bag, we can over print them and deliver in around 7-10 working days.