If you are thinking about getting display bags for your business, this article is a good starting point to understand your options available.


Display bags can be made in three materials: Polypropylene, oriented polypropylene and polythene. Here are the disadvantages and benefits of each material.

Polypropylene (CPP) is the most popular material used for display bags. Polypropylene is clear, can be strong and looks professional. The disadvantage of polypropylene is that it is not strong enough for heavier products. The most common thickness used is 40 micron. CPP is predominately clear.

Oriented polypropylene(OPP) is the clearest material of them all which makes it perfect for crafts, stationary and accessories. Unfortunately though OPP is not very strong and can only hold very light items. The most common thickness used is 40 micron.

Polythene is the strongest material to use for display bags. The disadvantage of polythene is its ‘milky’ clarity, the product inside is not clearly visible. Polythene display bags are commonly produced in clear or white and are made in anything from 30 micron – 110 micron.



Display bags can have a range of different handle/hangers the most popular being a euro slot. A euro slot is a small slot which is cut out of the bag in the header area during the manufacturing process. This slot makes the bag perfect for hanging in shop displays. If this particular shape is not ideal, we can offer a circle shape cut out.

Another option for a display bag is a plastic hook. A plastic hook is adhered to top of the bag. There are a range of hooks available. Check them out here https://www.elliottpackaging.co.uk/handles/ .



The most common seal on a display bag is a lip and adhesive strip. You can have a permanent or resealable adhesive strip. When using a permanent adhesive strip, the bag needs to be destroyed to get into it. Adhesive strips can be located at the bottom of the bag or at the back at the top, people normally determine where they want on the bag depending on the weight of the product inside.

Another option for a seal is a grip seal, this is the perfect reusable option. To make this tamper evident if being displayed in a shop, the seller will need a heat sealing machine to seal above the grip seal.



There are little print restrictions on a display bag. As the majority of display bags are clear, we would always recommend a white ink is printed behind the artwork. A great and popular option when printing is to print the back of the bag white, this makes the product on the shelf stand out! We can print display bags up to 8 spot colours or you can have a 4 colour process print.


The minimum order quantity for display bags is 2000 units.

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