Our clip close handle bags are a durable, reusable bag option. These bags can be customized with little restrictions.

Material options: Polythene or cast polypropylene. The bags can be clear, white or any coloured polythene from the Schulman range. We would recommend clip close handle bags are produced in 50 microns or more.

Print: Up to 8 spot colours or a process print. The bag can be printed 100% to achieve a desired colour matching a pantone from the pantone range.

Size: There are no size restrictions on clip close bags. They can have a bottom gusset so that the product sits in the bag correctly.

Handles: These handles are made from a rigid plastic, the handle clips together to seal the bag. Handles come in various colours subject to stock. Handles also come in a range of sizes.

Quantity: There is a minimum order quantity of 1000 units.


  • Display bags. The handle is great for handing the bag on displays.
  • Carrier bags, the handle is strong enough for the products to be carried.
  • These bags are perfect for storing and transporting important documents.


Lead time: We can produce clip close handle bags in around 3-4 weeks’ subject to handle stock and print.