Printed packaging is a perfect way to effectively build your brand, here’s why!

Advertises: Your printed packaging advertises your brand while on its journey, whether it’s on a busy shopping street or sat on a supermarket shelf. It’s important to make sure your packaging stands out from the 100’s of other brands you see whilst out and about. Research shows that products with attractive packaging are more likely to be picked up and purchased.

Instructs: Why add extra documents to your customers purchase when you can use the packaging design to advise them on important information. I.e.; opening instructions, return addresses, return instructions, ingredients and Economical information.

Professionalism: As a company, if you have spent time, effort and money on designing and purchasing printed packaging, the consumer will be much more impressed and inclined to buy from your business.

Positive buying experience: When spending money on an item, the consumer wants the packaging to fall into suit. So, when buying an expensive coat, the consumer naturally wants a carrier bag which is just as nice to carry the coat away in. If you make your bag re-usable, the consumer can re-use your bag for returns which is more air-time in the public eye for your brand!

Cuts Costs: Printed packaging can be a more cost effective way of advertising. Its cuts the costs of extra documents, returns packaging, high street billboards and flyers. There is little difference between plain and printed packaging costs when it’s done correctly.

Here at Elliott Packaging we can print on any of our products. Our print quality is excellent which makes sure your packaging matches your brand! Speak to any of our experts about your design ideas and any questions you may have, they will be able to inform you of any print restrictions and also be able to give you tips on how to get the best from your packaging design. We also offer online mock ups, which will give you visuals of how your packaging can look.

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