As a nation we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly aware, even our government are putting stricter environmental policies in place. Each industry, including ours are looking for better environmental options for our customers. Our printers have been exploring the benefits of using water based inks as a ripple effect from this. The use of water based inks is set to increase by 30% over the next 5 years.


  • Environmentally friendly. When adding water based ink to an already recyclable bag (including handles), this then makes the bag 100% recyclable.
  • Allows thinner and softer printing which is a huge advantage when printing onto fabric bags.
  • Water based inks do not contain the toxic chemical which solvent based inks do. This is better for the printer and the consumer.


  • The drying time for water based inks is one of the main disadvantages compared to solvent based inks. The long drying time reduces productivity in a business’s manufacturing process.
  • Water based inks are soluble in alkaline solutions. This means that’s water based inks don’t have resistance to frozen food applications.
  • Water based inks don’t wet and print smoothly on difficult substrates due to the high surface energy of the water component.

Here at Elliott Packaging we are very aware of the impact packaging has to the environment so we do offer water based ink printing upon request. Please contact a member of the sales team for more information.


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