October the 1st was officially ‘Buy British day’. Here at Elliott Packaging we support buying British. With more and more products being sourced outside of the UK, we like to encourage UK manufactured packaging where possible.

Benefits of buying British:

  • Guaranteed quality – When products are made in the UK they undergo many checks to make sure that each aspect of the bag meets UK rules and legislation’s. We buy the best quality materials and have high specification printing machines to make sure that we are offering the best quality products possible.
  • Efficient lead times – Why wait up to 14 weeks for your packaging when we can deliver in lead times as little as 7 working days.
  • No custom worries! – No more worrying whether your bags will be stopped at customs for extra checks. This can add up to another 2/3 weeks onto your already long lead time.
  • Buying ethical – We can guarantee the products you are buying are ethical as we know exactly where all of our materials have come from. We also provide safe and happy working environments. Buying ethical means you are thinking about our environment and also thinking about the livelihood of our UK workers.
  • Eco-friendly options – Elliott Packaging ensure that our environmental footprint is as green as can be. All our waste is recycled and most of our packaging is recyclable, can contain recycled content or can be produced using degradable films.
  • Reduced risk of damaged goods – Your packaging is not traveling 1000’s of miles across the world by various modes of transport. Your packaging is being handled and delivered by our trusty UK couriers.

There are many reasons why people choose not to buy in the UK, we find that the majority of the time cost is the issue, here at Elliott Packaging we don’t believe this. We can offer extremely elliott-packaging-british1competitive pricing and are experts in finding packaging within your budget!

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