Mailing bags are an ever-evolving product which are getting more popular as internet shopping increases. UK online sales are set to be worth £62.7bn by 2020 which is great for the mailing bag industry!

Here are the types of mailing bags Elliott Packaging can supply:

Opaque mailing bags:

In most cases, it’s important that the item inside the parcel is not visible. We offer opaque mailing bags in a range of colours. As a standard, we produce mailing bags in co-ex (co extruded) film which has a black outer to make the bag 100% opaque and it also gives a clean white outer ready for print.

Heavy duty mailing bags:

We offer super thick heavy duty mailing bags for larger heavy products which need extra durability.

Document enclosed mailing bags:

If you need important documents going with your item that can’t be missed which need to be visible, then a wallet on the outside of the bag is perfect. Also, these are ideal for address’s and invoices.

Mailing Bags with a handle:

If your goods are being delivered into a store ready for collection by the consumer, mailing bags with a handle are perfect. Consumers love having handles on the bags for ease when carrying them home.

Security Mailers:

If it’s important your package isn’t tampered with, we offer ‘tamper evident’ bags. This is ideal for important documents i.e.: exam papers, solicitor papers and medical records.

Eco friendly mailing bags:

If you are economically minded like us, we offer a verity of options to make your bag eco-friendly. As a standard, all of our mailing bags can be recycled.

All of our mailing bags can be customized which is great brand awareness for any business. We can produce if almost any size and thickness you need. Our minimum order quantity is 1000 units. We do hold some plain stock in house ready for a quick delivery. We can add an extra adhesive strip ideal for returns. Our adhesives can be re-sealable or permanent.

Benefits of a polythene mailing bags:

  • Mailing bags are usually opaque
  • Mailing bags protect your product
  • Mailing bags are waterproof
  • Most mailing bags are re-usable (when using re-sealable tape)
  • Consumer Friendly
  • Professional looking with excellent marketing properties.

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