Everything you need to know about mailing bags

Mailing bags are an ever-evolving product which are getting more popular as internet shopping increases. UK online sales are set to be worth £62.7bn by 2020 which is great for the mailing bag industry! Here are the types of mailing bags Elliott Packaging can supply: Opaque mailing bags: In most cases, it’s important that the [...]

What are the pros and cons of using water based inks?

As a nation we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly aware, even our government are putting stricter environmental policies in place. Each industry, including ours are looking for better environmental options for our customers. Our printers have been exploring the benefits of using water based inks as a ripple effect from this. The use [...]

Made in Britain

October the 1st was officially ‘Buy British day’. Here at Elliott Packaging we support buying British. With more and more products being sourced outside of the UK, we like to encourage UK manufactured packaging where possible. Benefits of buying British: Guaranteed quality - When products are made in the UK they undergo many checks to make [...]

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