2 trillion food pouches are set to be sold worldwide in 2016 which is a large rise from 1.9 trillion in 2014.

There is said to be an average 6% increase in the sales of stand up pouches from 2014 – 2019. There have been some huge pouch launches from the likes of Kellogg’s cereals in France to Heinz ready meals in Germany. Large brands like these set the packaging trends over the years.

There are so many variants of uses for the stand-up pouch, from microwavable packs to resealable stay fresh packs. Some of the most common food products that are currently being seen in pouches on our shelves are:

  • Share packs for confectionary
  • Baby food
  • Ready Meals – Microwavable
  • Frozen foods
  • Powders such as protein and milk.
  • Nuts and snacking
  • Coffee Beans
  • Pet food

We are understanding that food pouches are ticking all of the relevant boxes that consumers look for. They offer longer shelf life, resealing for freshness, a stand up feature ideal for storage, plus many more. The food pouch is not only ideal for the consumer; it is a great tool for the seller too. Pouches offer the following benefits for sellers:

  • Extremely customizable. There is a huge surface area for marketers to sell their product. There are no restrictions when it comes to printing on the pouch.
  • Pouches meet all new food and safety regulations.
  • When purchased correctly, pouches can be extremely cost effective.
  • There are a range of environmentally friendly options available.

58% of pouches are set to be manufactured in China but here at Elliott packaging we can offer UK and Europe manufacturing with digital and gravure printing options. Has this made you want to change your current packaging? Get in touch with out experts today!