In 2016 we have noticed the rise in smaller sized food packaging. Smaller food packs give consumers control over portion sizes. The 50g pack size now holds the largest share in the food packaging industry globally and is set to continue with at least a 4% annual growth by 2020.


The head of packaging at Euromonitor said: “Snacking, portion control and consumer mindfulness over sugar intake are pertinent trends in foods and soft drinks behind the movement to buy in smaller quantities and supported by a number of government initiatives that address national health concerns like sugar intake and obesity.

Affordability is another factor that strengthens the success of the going smaller trend, also apparent in beauty, home care and premium alcoholic beverages. Within foods, the impact of snacking and portion control is a trend that now also goes beyond the traditional snacking echelons of the confectionery, biscuits and savoury snacks categories as a greater array of single-serve products are sold as snacks and often in rigid plastic or flexible packaging for that all-important consumer convenience as witnessed in new product launches.”


Here at Elliott Packaging we can offer small packs in a wide range of packaging styles. We can offer small pouches which are ideal for food. We can also offer film on the reel ready for form and fill machines.