With the new carrier bag legislation hitting the UK in October 2015, many companies have been confused about what bags they can use. The aim of the legislation is to try and significantly reduce waste in the UK. Before the new law was put into place each EU citizen was using around 198 plastic carrier bags per year. By implementing this new law, the government are hoping to reduce this number to around 40 bags per year by 2019.


What a lot of people don’t know is that you can offer customers polythene bags, but they need to be re-usable. To make a polythene carrier bag re-usable they need to be 70 micron or more in thickness. This makes the bag sturdy so that It can be re-used by the consumer. We offer patch handle and flexi loop handle polythene carrier bags in a range of thickness’s including those thicker than 70 micron, perfect for a reusable ‘bag for life’.


Paper carrier bags have benefited from the legislation as they have been a safe option for businesses to use without having to charge their customers. Paper carrier bags can have lots of environmental credentials such as, recyclable, biodegradable and natural. There are many different paper bag types ideal for each packaging budget. Here at Elliott Packaging we can offer:

  • Luxury rope handle bags
  • Twisted paper handle bags
  • Flat tape handle bags (take away bag)
  • Flush top flat bags (Sandwich bag)
  • Flush top side gusseted bags (Pharmacy bag)
  • Flush top block bottom bags (Sweet bag)


Paper bags can be easily customised and can have lots of added extras to make them really unique such as foiling, embossing and ribbon handles. Paper carrier bags are used in wide verity of industries such as food, retail, exhibitions and industrial.


If you are still unsure as to what bag your business should be using, get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team.

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