We are currently at the start of a transformation in plastic bag use which hasn’t been seen for more than a generation. Plastic bag use is already being dramatically reduced, but this could have the effect of increasing the use of the bag for life.

The bag for life is a relatively new form of the plastic bag which is considerably more robust than the cheap disposable plastic bags that have been favoured by supermarkets. While the plastic bag is being portrayed as the villain of packaging in recent years, the bag for life has arrived to help improve the green credentials of plastic.

It is a fact that it costs less energy to produce the average plastic bag than it does paper. Having a back that is larger and more durable than a standard plastic bag means that it will be used several times reducing not only its impact on the environment but also the amount of energy used to create packaging.

A bag for life also gives the opportunity to associate your brand with charities. People will feel better about paying extra for their bag for life, if they are helping a good cause.