People are now thinking a lot more about their plastic bag use following the introduction of the 5p charge. Some people will be trying to avoid the charge at all costs even if it means popping in to smaller retail outlets that may give away a bag for free.

This creates a great opportunity for smaller businesses that want to increase their brand awareness with attractive reusable bags. Often a shopper will visit a small independent shop to buy a single product and keep that bag for future shopping trips so that they save money on buying them from the supermarket.

While the single purchase actually ends up costing a lot more than buying a few bags from the supermarket, the latter feels like a tax and shoppers will often much rather spend extra on themselves.

To some, getting a free shopping bag from a smaller retailer is preferable to reusing and being seen carrying a bag and reusing a bag from budget retailer. There are plenty of people out there who don’t like advertising the fact they shop in a cheaper store and will prefer to carry around a nicely branded promotional shopping bag instead.