Plastic packaging often gets a bad press. As the abolition of free plastic bags in supermarkets demonstrates there is a lot of opposition to the use of plastic bags and legislation brought in to curb their use. What isn’t considered, as with all the world’s great inventions, is how well plastic helps preserve food better than any other material.

There is no doubt that plastic packaging not only preserves shelf life, it also reduces food waste because food items can be left a lot longer on the shelves rather than going into the waste bin after only a short period of time.

It’s easy to take for granted just how much of a difference plastic has made in helping to preserve food and also retain its flavour. As one of the hottest topics today concerns the huge amount of food that is thrown away every day in supermarkets all over the country, you can rely on the flexibility of plastic packaging to help reduce waste.

The plastics industry continues to innovate with new plastic product packaging come on to the market all the time. Already studies have suggested that every one pound of plastic can prevent 1.7 pounds of waste.