We supply a range of reusable packaging to help businesses find alternatives following the introduction of the 5p bag charge. Here are some reasons to consider using our reusable bags.

According to one study if you use one reusable bag per week it will save you using 520 plastic bags over the course of a year. This represents a major saving for the planet as well as providing all the benefits for businesses of extra promotion of a brand.

Jute and canvas reusable bags for example not only save on plastic, they will also degrade over a period of a few years unlike plastic which will take far longer. Jute is a material which consists of natural fibres made from the Jute plant.

This is a favourite material of ours due to its versatility. It can be used for anything from shopping bags, to beach and gift bags.

If Jute bags don’t fit with your brand, then why not consider a cotton reusable bag? These are not only reusable, they can also be washed to keep them looking great and ensure that the people who buy your product or shop in your store will use the bag many times.

Cotton bags don’t just come in white either, they can be produced in a variety of colours.

If you are looking for someone to produce a reusable bag for life for your brand contact us today.