It might still feel like Christmas is a long way off but when it comes to packaging design it’s important to start early. So what are the key trends to be mindful of as we look towards Christmas 2016?

Nostalgia has been a key trend for the past four years as people crave an antidote to an often overwhelming world of technology. Much like the reaction to the start of the machine age and mass production in the latter part of the 19th Century, design and colour is influenced by the need for balance and a sense of security in what can be a disorientating world.

Christmas of course is a time when most of us enjoy the security and comfort of family time and celebrations. Recession, terrorism and political uncertainty all represent a threat to this idyllic view of Christmas so packaging design needs to reassure as well as ease the anxieties that are ever present in the world today.

Of course one of the keys to packaging is in its colour. In 2015 colours were influenced by nostalgia and this trend is set to continue. There is are also the Pantone colours of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity which marks the first time dual colours have been chosen.

Again these colours are about maintaining balance with Rose quartz representing warmth and serenity, tranquillity.