Making an Elliott Packaging branded polythene bag is a science in itself – read on and see how it’s done.

Firstly, the extrusion process

  • An extruder heats quantities of coloured or clear polyethylene plastic resin pellets to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This process melts the pellets.
  • A mechanical screw inside the extruder then forces the molten plastic pellets through the machine. The thickness of the bag, the end product, being controlled by pushing the extrusion through a die.
  • Air then forces the emerging plastic sheet into a ‘bubble’ which is then subject to a cooling process. After expelling the air and flattening the now cooled ‘bubble’, the sheet is cut to size.


Now we’re ready to brand the bag and print.

Converting the sheet to Bags

  • Our conversion department unwraps the roll of plastic sheet and then slices it with a heated knife. This process seals the side of the bag and at the same time cuts it to size. At this stage we then add any special features like a gusset or a handle.