You may have come across the term polybags, which like many things relating to names for plastic items is a shortened version of the correct chemical name. So let’s explore the facts about polybags including where the name comes from.

Firstly, the name polybag is actually short for polyethylene bag which would be a bit of a mouthful and as it is one of the most common forms of plastic bag it is better to have shortened version of its name to make it easier to remember.

The main purpose of polybags is as packaging for the transportation for all kinds of sealed goods. These can be anything from chemicals, to food and other light weight items. The material is both light, incredibly strong and flexible as well as being transparent.

While plastic is seen as the villain of packaging materials these days, poly bags are actually easy to recycle compared to many other types of packaging materials.

Combine this with the comparatively lower energy consumption in their manufacture they become an attractive alternative to other packaging materials.

A polybag is also able to hold more than other types of packaging when shipping while losing none of its protective qualities. This means that less material is used making it even more efficient.