The fall in the use of plastic bags since the introduction of the 5p charge has been dramatic according to government figures. However, reducing our dependence on plastic bags may just be the start of a war on other types of packaging.

The effects of plastic bags incorrectly disposed of in the environment is not in dispute. People should rightly be encouraged to re-use their plastic bags several times to limit wastage and this will no doubt the case as people will continue to transport their items from one place to another even if they are not buying a new bag with each shopping trip.

While plastic bag manufacturers won’t be happy with the reduced appetite for plastic bags, this creates an opportunity for product manufacturers to make their plastic bags more attractive and robust.

Increased durability means they are more likely to be used more than once and this will, therefore, increase the exposure a brand or product will get. The age of cheap disposable plastic bags may soon be coming to an end as a result of the charges but this doesn’t won’t mean the end of plastic which has no effective substitute.