U.Ks leading carrier bag supplier and carrier bag manufacturer report change in consumer attitudes.

There has been a noticeable change in attitudes towards carrier bags and plastic bags since the turn of the millennium. According to the UK’s Environment Agency and backed by the U.Ks leading carrier bag supplier and carrier bag manufacturer, 76% of carrier bags are reused by individuals. Retailers are also reporting an increase in the sale of heavier duty plastic shopping bags that are suitable for multiple uses.

With many of the U.Ks leading retailers now asking people if they need bags, this is creating a push towards re-usable bags. As a result, carrier bag suppliers and carrier bag manufacturers are now seeing a huge increase in demand for customised bags. Whereas 10 years ago, the focus for carrier bags was very much centred around low cost options, now with so many British consumers retaining and reusing, more emphasis is now placed on quality and branding of bags by the carrier bag supplier and the carrier bag manufacturer.

Is your business missing an opportunity to create or expand on its brand awareness? Customised and bespoke carrier bags are a practical way of offering your customer something for free whilst getting something back in return (Advertising). It’s advisable to consult with a reputable carrier bag supplier or carrier bag manufacturer, as they can advise which types, styles, materials of bags will meet your requirements. A durable and strong bag will more likely last longer and as such provide more opportunity for your brand name to be seen and seen again through re-use.

Leading the way as a carrier bag supplier and carrier bag manufacturer is Elliot Packaging. They can specifically design, produce and print to match your exact requirements. They are setting standards as a carrier bag supplier and carrier bag manufacturer in innovation and design of a large number of carrier bag options and ranges from twist handle paper carriers to gloss laminated and clip close handles.

If your business ethos is committed to adhering to or improving on the reduction of environmental impact by your business, it’s important when searching for a carrier bag supplier or carrier bag manufacturer that they offer environmentally friendly degradable film options.