You may be wondering about the best type of packaging to choose for your product or to help promote your business. To make the right decision it is necessary to consider the three main functions of packaging and how your choice of material fits these criteria.

Good packaging should:


If we get right to the heart of what packaging is, protection comes right at the top. Whether packaging is protecting the products you are selling or helping people protect their own items, protection is always at the forefront. So the right packaging will provide protection from the environment or against damage when it is being transported.


Another important aspect of packaging lies in the information it provides. This can either be giving detailed information of what is inside in the case of food packaging or it may present a certain image of your brand such as branded retail bags.


Any bag be it plastic, cotton or reusable and so on should have some promotional aspect. A bag that doesn’t display your brand is a missed opportunity so it’s important to have it displayed prominently to help with marketing and promotion.

Remember, the right packaging will help your product stand out from the crowd and increase sales so it is worth taking the time to get your packaging choice right.