Why Make The Switch From Rigid to Flexible Packaging or Pouches?

More and more food manufacturers are switching from rigid to flexible packaging partly because firms become more conscious of the impact waste has on the environment and there are plenty of other advantages to be gained. In addition to sustainability there are plenty of benefits to consider when making the switch from rigid plastic packaging [...]

Why Carrier Bags Have Become Everyone’s Favourite Marketing Giveaway

People are now thinking a lot more about their plastic bag use following the introduction of the 5p charge. Some people will be trying to avoid the charge at all costs even if it means popping in to smaller retail outlets that may give away a bag for free. This creates a great opportunity for [...]

What’s Lurking In Your Reusable Shopping Bag?

As people ditch disposable plastic bags for reusable alternatives, there is one danger which so far hasn’t been considered – bacteria. While reusable bags have helped to dramatically reduce the waste generated by the use of disposable plastic bags, it has also created environments where bacteria can thrive. Few people take the time to wash [...]

The Benefits Of Using Plastic Packaging For Food

Plastic packaging often gets a bad press. As the abolition of free plastic bags in supermarkets demonstrates there is a lot of opposition to the use of plastic bags and legislation brought in to curb their use. What isn’t considered, as with all the world’s great inventions, is how well plastic helps preserve food better [...]

Why Green Packaging Can Mean Different Things Depending On the Material

As the use of plastic bags is being rapidly reduced by the 5p charge, many people are welcoming the news. But reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing them with other materials won’t necessarily make a greener planet. This is because eco-friendly or ‘green’ means different things depending on what the environmental impact will [...]

Reasons to Consider Our Reusable Bags

We supply a range of reusable packaging to help businesses find alternatives following the introduction of the 5p bag charge. Here are some reasons to consider using our reusable bags. According to one study if you use one reusable bag per week it will save you using 520 plastic bags over the course of a [...]

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Welcome Emma, good luck Hannah!

We have had some new exciting changes in our office this week. We would like to introduce Emma Lambert, our newest member of our ever expanding sales team. Emma will continue to offer the excellent customer care we pride ourselves on with her friendly and vibrant personality. Get in touch with Emma for all of [...]

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