Plastic packaging has helped to revolutionise the way we store food and brought convenience to countless billions of people since it was first introduced. Despite this the material is often cast as one of the main causes of waste and harm to the planet but look more closely and this reputation is far from deserved.

The main misconception about plastic bags and the growing rejection of rigid plastic packaging over the years has been linked to the amount of rubbish it creates. If the material ends up in landfill sites, it can take many years to decompose. Plastic bags meanwhile end up on beaches harming wildlife.

The main problem however is not the material itself, but the way it is used and disposed of. In terms of production, plastic packaging actually leaves less of a carbon footprint than other forms of packaging like paper and cardboard. It is also easier to recycle again and again while the latter can often only be used once if it is contaminated with food.

Innovative new packaging designs such as plastic pouches not only cost less to produce, but also take less space when they are transported. Add this to being 95% lighter than most packaging materials and the case for using plastic packaging deserves to be heard.