We are currently witnessing a revolution in the way food is packaged and consumed and this is helping to create new opportunities for brands to reach out to new target demographics.

With this in mind here are five key trends to watch out for this year…

Packaging is getting greener
Appearing and being seen to be a brand that cares about the environment never goes out of fashion and continues to be important to many brands.

Packaging is getting smaller
As cities grow, so too does the number of people who choose to live alone or share homes with others while taking care of their own food shopping. This means more demand for smaller packaging, meals for two rather than four and often less space for storing large packaged items.

See-through packaging
With the Internet providing answers for virtually everything, consumers are now better informed than they have ever been and value transparency in the products they buy. What better way to demonstrate transparency than see-through packaging?

As more and more products enter the market aimed at people who like to eat and drink on the go, then competition is fierce to get their attention. One way to do this is to design packaging that offers convenience, ease of opening and isn’t messy to handle.