Here are a selection of our top food packaging design tips to help attract consumers to your products.

If you have just launched a new food product, you probably want consumers to feel as enthusiastic about it as you do. You will also want them to buy your brand rather than anyone else’s of course. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy and you will need to pay a lot of attention to your food packaging to help drive sales.

So here are some handy tips to attract customers to your food packaging.

Invest in visual appeal
One of the most important areas of your packaging is its design. It needs to be both memorable and of high quality. High quality photography and strong branding will help you compete with larger competitors.

Make your packaging easy on the eye
Your product may only get a few seconds of attention from consumers, so it needs to be obvious from looking at the packaging what’s inside. Colour choice is vital as is clear labelling.

Make sure your labels comply
It is very important to ensure that your labelling doesn’t create a false impression of what’s inside. Focus on the obvious benefits of your product for the consumer.