When choosing a colour for your packaging it is important to consider the kind of products you will be selling and the time of year. Fortunately silver bags are an ideal choice for a wide variety of purposes and go well with almost any colour.

Silver bags much like black are a good choice if you want to promote a sense of elegance and sophistication. You will often find silver combined with black to reinforce the luxury element of a product.

While silver shares much in common with gold when it comes to colour choices, silver is easier to combine with other colours and more versatile. If you happen to be selling high tech items silver combined with blue packaging is a strong combination for example.

Silver bags are also ideal for gifts and has a strong association with Christmas time.

To keep things elegant and classy, it is wise not to introduce too much colour into your silver packaging as it can soon begin to look tacky. One or two colour combinations work best in creating the right impression particularly if it is used for expensive items.

If you are planning to purchase silver bags or bags in any other colour we produce branded carrier bags in a variety of materials from polypropylene to cotton.