Choosing the right colour for your packaging is vital if you want to create the right impression or even aim for a particular segment. The importance of colour certainly cannot be underestimated even if you plan to use black bags you will still be creating that impression so you will need to be sure black is the right choice. Here are some tips on using black bags to help you decide.

The colour black is a heavy colour that is associated with sophistication, formality and authority. So if you send goods out in black bags then it will create the impression that the products inside will be of higher quality and potentially more valuable – unless it happens to be a black bin bag!

So the look and feel of the packaging is also important as are the colours you might want to add to your packaging design. Adding gold or silver to black packaging will add sophistication while adding bright colours to your black bag will make it look less serious.

On the other hand adding the colour red to your black bag would be ideal if you want to achieve a sense of eroticism and passion. It’s the kind of combination you might use for Valentines Day products for example.
Either way black bags will be versatile enough for all kinds of uses.