We have probably all at some point or another opened up packaging with tissue paper and it is often a popular choice for those selling boutique gift items. There are also plenty of other reasons to use tissue paper in your packaging as we will reveal in this blog.

It adds a touch of class to your packaging
If you’re selling items that could be considered luxury, then adding tissue paper in your packaging will make your customer feel that you put in a little extra effort to go with the price tag. We all feel better about buying something when it comes nicely packaged and you can buy tissue paper in a range of colours to match your items.

It makes ideal gift wrapping
Because it always looks like extra effort has been made, tissue paper is a popular choice for gifts and relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of packaging even if you order large tissue paper to fill your boxes. Tissue paper is often included with clothes to stop them from becoming creased.

You can even add a logo to your tissue paper
If you are selling exclusive designer items, then it is even possible to add a logo to your tissue paper.