Paper bags have for a long time been pushed into the background by cheap plastic bags, but in an age where sustainability is high on the agenda, paper bags are often considered an effective eco-friendly alternative. So here are 3 reasons why you might want to switch to paper bags.

Paper bags can be easily recycled
One of the main benefits of paper bags when it comes to the environment is that they are easy to recycle. Packaging is now routinely produced from recycled paper and this often fits well with products that are promoting healthy living.

Paper is biodegradable
Even if paper packaging ends up in the environment it is at least biodegradable which means it won’t be polluting the environment for years to come as with plastic.

Using paper bags reduces demand for plastic
Plastic can contain potentially harmful chemicals, therefore if paper can be used as an alternative such as in sweet bags, then this can only reduce the volume of those chemicals entering the environment.
With the earth’s population growing rapidly, innovation in packaging will be the key to reducing consumption and harm to the environment. For now paper bags can at least offer an alternative.