Packaging news reports a positive trend in packaging recycling for 2015, however plastic needed a little help from the previous year to reach its target.

Various materials used in packaging such as plastic, glass and aluminium are required to meet a reprocessing target each year to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources and overall the results from 2015 were positive, even for plastic packaging, which is described as having a particularly volatile year.

The over package recycling figures show that the overall target was exceeded by nearly 1 million tonnes with 8,476, 729 tonnes of packaging waste either reprocessed in the UK or exported. The target was set at 7,487,312 tonnes for the year.

The government has recently announced plans to relax statutory targets for plastic recycling to ease the burden on businesses. While great strides have been made in plastic packaging recycling, the industry is likely to face a struggle meeting its 2020 target.

Targets for the recycling of plastic packaging were only met last year due to a carry-over from the previous year

The Government noted in the budget that plastic packaging recycling targets will fall from 52% to 49% for 2016, before it expects a2% increase each year. A new 57% target will be set for 2020.