UK health experts are not only demanding that food packaging should be clearer on exactly how healthy food is, they are also suggesting that people should be told how much exercise they need to burn off calories contained in the food.

This idea is not so odd as it seems. Typical packaging labels tell us exactly how much salt, fat, sugar and other additives are in food and even adds colour codes to help people who don’t want to read through every package they pick up off the shelf. Unfortunately this still doesn’t make things clear for people who don’t realise what impact consuming high levels of fat and sugar will have on their bodies.

Knowing how much exercise is required to balance out the calories consumed however gives people a much clearer idea. What appears on a label is often quite abstract, numbers mean little to our human brains whereas something we can actually visualise can help change habits quite quickly.

For example, the calories contained in a fizzy drink can take approximately a half hour walk to burn off. Imagining how far you would need to walk before picking up that drink is likely to be a far stronger deterrent.