While packaging can often be an afterthought with ecommerce store owners its importance cannot be understated when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty as a study in the US has shown.

It has to be said that the statistics revealed by this survey have been taken from US consumers but they are unlikely to be that different if a study was undertaken in the UK.

The survey revealed that when it comes to packaging premium shoppers i.e those spending more than £140 ($200) a month placed more value on packaging design.

Alongside this just 11% of ecommerce customers were happy with the packaging their items arrived in suggesting that the customer experience could be dramatically improved for those ecommerce stores who do spend some time thinking about packaging design.

As the saying goes you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression and packaging is an essential part of that first impression. If returning customers spend an average 67% more, then it can be even more worthwhile for online retailers simply because it will provide a good return on investment.

As the competition between websites heats up further and the battle to be seen online gets more fierce, the small things can make a big difference to customer loyalty.