Bubble warp is one of those inventions that you wonder how people managed before it came along. Before 1957 people were scrunching up paper to keep goods safe which wasn’t always ideal.

Even though some companies prefer to pack their fragile goods with paper and other recyclable materials even today, for some more delicate items there is still no substitute and here’s why…

  • The air that is trapped inside the bubbles forms a strong cushion around products such as glass. Unlike other forms of packing it can be wrapped all around so that it covers the whole product.
  • A key advantage of bubble wrap is that it is also waterproof and keeps what’s inside dry. This prevents rain getting in during bad weather.
  • As long as you resist the temptation of popping the bubbles on bubble wrap, it can be re-used several times limiting impact on the environment.
  • The protective bubbles also have an insulating effect which protects items from the elements. This is ideal if your products are likely to be exposed to extremes of temperature.
  • If you are concerned about the environment, bubble wrap can be recycled.