The 5p bag charge for plastic bags has been embraced by most shops since it was introduced in October 2015. There is one shop in particular, however, who have come up with a cunning plan to still supply the plastic bags and avoid the charge altogether.

Card Factory the high street card retailer that sells cut price greetings cards and various celebratory gift products has decided that the extra five pence its frugal customers would need to pay for a plastic bag is going to far.

So their solution is to simply cut off the handles from their single use bags so effectively they become just a piece of plastic you can put retail items in. While this probably seems like it’s still a bag to most people, according to the guidelines it isn’t a plastic bag in the strictest sense because it helps them avoid charging 5p.

The retailer still passes on the charge for some of its premium bags but their aim is to give their customers a free alternative.

The charge currently only relates to thin gauge plastic bags that have handles so if you happen to have a business that supplies customers with bags, then cutting those handles off could just be the loophole you are looking for.