The 5p charge on plastic bags has been around for some time in Wales but its introduction in England is causing stores and customers to think up ways to avoid paying.

While 5p might not sound a lot, a weekly shop can soon mean an extra 25p extra is required to cover the cost of plastic bags. Recognising the inconvenience for some of its customers, Tesco has thought up a way to dodge the fine by introducing paper bags.

Paper bags are not included in the charge that is compulsory on plastic bags and this naturally helps people avoid paying extra for their shopping bags. While paper bags may not be robust enough for heavier items, they can at least be used to things like fruit and vegetables.
The decision by Tesco came in the light of customers stealing trollies to avoid paying for the bags even if stealing a trolley meant losing a pound.

The charges were introduced in October across all shops with more than 250 staff. It is hoped that the charges will discourage people from taking more bags than they need. In theory this helps reduce the environmental impact of waste plastic bags, which often end up washed up on beaches and other areas where they can harm wildlife rather than them being reused.