A New Book called The Last Mile by marketing professor, Dilip Soman, expresses the view that advertisers spend too much time trying to persuade people to love their brands than actually get them to make a purchase which provides food for thought when designing packaging that sells.

The book advises that advertisers should start at the end of the journey rather than at the beginning to make sure people are actually making the purchase. Many new products fail to take off precisely because people in charge of the brand spend too much time trying to get people to love them.

The suggestion that advertisers are not doing what is necessary to get products over the line when it comes to sales is alarming considering what is at stake if a product fails to take off and generate vital sales.

Consumers can be extremely fickle when it comes to loyalty and we are often taught that getting them to love our products is the best way to see them coming back for more. Yet according to the book this is not the case even if they are delighted with what they have bought.

Areas of focus for advertisers according to the book are the context and understanding of customer buying habits, limiting choice and the perceived value a product offers over other alternatives.