When it comes to offers consumers are more likely to respond to personalised offers according to the latest research.

The approach to packaging has often been to convince the consumer of the good value of a product but new research suggests that value is only perceived by those consumers who have already bought the item or one like it. This makes concentrating on value less effective with a more tailored approach required to convince new customers.

The way consumers perceive value in a product is complex, which means less targeted campaigns can be wasted. Regular purchasers are already attuned to which products offer the best value in terms of price and just as importantly on quality.

Supermarkets often like to spread the message of the value they offer but this fails to hit the mark if other supermarkets have built a reputation on good value and being the cheapest option. This may be one reason why value supermarkets are gaining market share from the big four supermarkets.

On the other hand evidence has shown that being too targeted with advertising can put people off. It is better to segment the market and tailor advertising to specific groups and audiences. If it feels like the message is for them then it is more likely to influence the consumer’s perception of value in the product.