London was the setting for the latest Packaging Innovations Show featuring some of the biggest global names in fashion and retail.

As usual the event provided attendees with an opportunity to look at the latest packaging innovations and designs as well as learn what it takes to build a brand identity with packaging.

With London being the retail capital of the UK, it provided the ideal setting for one of the first presentations by Atty Hussein, operations director, at Liberty on ‘How to use your packaging brand to make an impact on the high street whilst retaining costs’.

The conclusion was that packaging is an essential part of brand identity and that the best packaging will give people a sense of pleasure as they open what’s inside. Many luxury brands have made creating this sense of pleasure a priority and it is often the secret of their success. Even technology firms such as apple have turned their computer products into some of the most sought after with their packaging designs.

Among the big names at the event were luxury department store Harrods, Waitrose, Boots, Tesco, Burberry as well as United Biscuits and Giorgio Armani. More than 4,000 visitors attended the event in September which is double the number who attended when the event was first launched more than 6 years ago.