Morrisons Becomes Latest Supermarket To Announce Store Closures

Morrison’s ambitious expansion in recent years looks to be under threat as the supermarket chain announces the closure of 11 of its stores. First Tesco then Sainsbury’s and now Morrisons are starting to feel the pinch as the cost of some of its smaller stores are outweighing the potential profits they bring in. Morrisons profits [...]

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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market Primed For Growth

Unfortunately it is easier than it has ever been to design counterfeit packaging and this is what’s helping to drive the market for Anti-Counterfeit Packaging (ACP). With increasing globalisation and online trading it is becoming more and more difficult to decipher if a product is genuine or made by unscrupulous manufacturers out to make a [...]

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New Carrier Bag Legislation, more tea Vicar?

The government have now introduced a 5p charge on single-use plastic carrier bags in England from 5 October 2015. There is already a similar 5p charge on single-use bags in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All small and medium-sized (SME) businesses (up to £500M turnover and/or up to 250 employees) are exempt from the plastic [...]

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