Alcohol is big business and there is huge competition to get noticed not only on supermarket shelves but also at nightclubs and restaurants and even at home with home brew kits growing in popularity.

Consumers like to think they are buying something different to what is available mass market and alcohol is no different. The challenge even for established brands is to constantly innovate and this trend is obvious when you see what some of the major brands such as Kopparberg cider Absolut Vodka and Heineken are doing.

Absolut for example are celebrating their history with a 30-year old series while Heineken have been busy inventing their Ignite bottle aimed at making their beer more trendy in clubs. Kopparberg meanwhile have gone down the route of frozen pouches for their cider which will evidently go down well in a hot climate or night club.

Packaging remains vitally important to brands making a connection with consumers and several lesser known manufacturers are also making their own statements with anything from eco-friendly cartons for cocktails to beer packaged as wine and handy leather holders for six pack beer bottles patented by Sixfold.

As the competition heats up, you can be sure of some packaging surprises to come when you next shop for your favourite tipple.