Consumers don’t necessarily trust organic labelling on packaging and, worse still, 38% of them think it’s simply a marketing ploy designed to fool them.

Of course if your product happens to be organic then it is only natural that you will want to say so on the packaging. However if the product being organic is stretching the truth a little then these latest findings gathered from data on US consumers could be food for thought.

The survey carried out by Mintel also discovered that 51% of consumers thought that organic product labelling was an excuse for charging more for products. On 39% thought that organic labelling was genuine.

The scale of mistrust in organic labelling comes as a surprise and could be a result of consumers becoming mistrustful of organic claims. Despite this, consumers are still buying organic labelled products even if they are not so sure of its organic properties.

With so many health scares showing up on the news seemingly on a daily basis, shoppers are more likely to be drawn to organic products than what appear to be less healthy alternatives.

Organic foods currently account for half of food and drinks purchased by those in the 18-34 age bracket in the US and it is likely that the figure will be similar in the UK.