Coca-Cola have been playing around with their packaging quite a lot in recent years. The most notable success for them being the personalised coke cans which have now been quietly retired.

So it should come as no surprise that the soft drinks giant are once again experimenting with new design to keep everyone interested. With Coca-Cola and other soft drinks gaining some bad press for helping to contribute to the obesity epidemic they have to do something!

So it is perhaps surprising that they have gone down the route of having no label at all on their cans. The only recognisable feature will be the iconic red and white with the swoosh logo and that is basically it.

For many brands, designing packaging like this would be brand suicide. But Coca-Cola isn’t ‘many brands’ and even without the name being displayed, everyone should be able to recognise which firm the packaging belongs to.

The no labels cans have been launched during Ramadan to join the fight against prejudices and to help encourage people to think about stereotyping. The slogan is ‘Let’s take an extra second’ and refers to getting to know people rather than have preconceptions about people because of their race or religion or both.