If ever there was an example of a company taking great care over its packaging, then Apple would be it.

Packaging is as much a part of Apple and its products as the slick designs of its iphone and other tech gadgets. So it should come as no surprise that they are also turning their attention to the army of third party products being produced aimed at the people who own their products lives easier.

Apple will be looking to revamp third party accessory packaging from companies such as Mophie, Logitech, Tech21, Incase and Life Proof this month, so if you wonder why the packaging for these products look almost Apple-like then you will be correct in your suspicions.

The packaging will be typically minimalistic and the design of boxes has been taking place for 6 months to ensure the packaging is just right. It simply wouldn’t do to have the tone of the Apple brought down by a few badly designed boxes.

Apple has a large collection of design patents for its products and its packaging designs are also subject to several. In order to maintain its position as a premium brand in the electronics sector Apple has invested heavily in its packaging to ensure people still get that feeling of receiving something a bit special when they open up the packaging. Something most other competitors still don’t seem to have bothered with.