Coca Cola have been working extremely hard with their packaging in recent years to try and combat the bad press the drink has been getting among the health conscious.

The Share a Coke campaign turned out to be a big success with consumers loving the fact that they could have a can of the iconic fizzy drink with their name displayed on the packaging.

The sight of teenagers holding their personalised cans on Facebook seems to have spurred Pepsi into action with some aggressive put downs of its rival. Pepsi pokes fun in its adverts by featuring a pair of teenagers – one holding a bottle of Pepsi and the other holding their Coca Cola drink with the personalised branding.

The narrator appears to offer both of them the chance of concert tickets to which both express their delight only to be told that they are only for Pepsi drinkers.
The Pepsi drinker turns to the Coca Cola drinker and says “at least you have your name on the bottle”

This is clearly making a joke of Coca Cola’s share a coke campaign and there is even a version which makes its famous polar bear look a bit tired and older than it used to.