Browsing the shelves of the local supermarket drinks section brings its own pleasures aside from the anticipation of an alcoholic beverage or two.

While beer packaging underwent a bit of a renaissance a few years back as it attempted to appeal to a more sophisticated audience, it now appears that spirit manufacturers are going one step further with some eye-catching package design.

With so many distilleries large and small competing for attention, packaging has become a real battleground where whiskey makers and even champagne producers are trying to make their products stand out above the competition.

A bit of premium package and a discount can go a long way to persuading fickle customers to try something different and this appears to be the type of customers the spirit makers are hoping will buy into their products.

Growing affluence means that premium spirits and champagne, once regarded as expensive luxuries are now well within reach of people doing their weekly shop and fancying some quality liquor for the weekend.

So it’s no longer enough to rely on customer loyalty when across the world demand is growing for premium spirits. To stand out on packed supermarket shelves is now more of a challenge than it has ever been. The design and quality of the packaging can make all the difference.